The phrase "app Thailand" might seem unclear to some people. The word "app" is an abbreviation for "application." An application is another name for a computer program. It is a piece of software for your computer that can operate using a web browser or even offline on your computer, smartphone, tablet and many other modern electronic device; with new devices arriving all the time. So "app Thailand" simply means a computer program useful for visiting Thailand.

When people talk about apps they are usually referring to programs that run on mobile devices such as tablet computers or smartphones. 

Web apps, also called "online apps", deliver information, services and offers to customers and can add value to businesses. They can be a cheaper more efficient way of deploying software in your business.

For example, rather than buying a software license, a business could simply go online and sign up for an account to use an app. That way they save time because rather than a installing a complex software system "in-house", involving, staff, time, expense, training, maintenance and continually keep up with updates, possibly with an expensive "in-house" team: by using an online based app, the time and expense involved to get to the point of efficient running of the system can be greatly reduced, along with any ongoing maintenance costs.

Mobile apps can also greatly increase the productivity of a business. Apps on mobile phones can help staff perform all sorts of business functions while out of the office. A mobile app usually enables you to do something specific such as running payroll with a payroll mobile app or accessing your bank account through a banking app. The term "app" has become very popular in the last decade. Children are more likely to have a list of favourite apps to go with their list of favourite TV shows. In 2010 the American Dialect Society listed "app" as "the word of the year".

While apps save time the development of them takes ages. It is difficult work, and involves a lot of knowledge and thought - and practice. It also requires great ideas, collaborations and marketing. A big heap of luck and money goes a long way too. It is not easy to make money from apps. Very few app publishers make money and even then it is from surprisingly few of their apps. The way that smartphone users access apps make the normal rules of marketing redundant. However for people not looking to make a fortune out of apps, and for those who would just like to learn how to code, app development is not bad for a 21st century hobby.

There are millions of apps available. With such an overwhelming volume, there's no simple way to figure out exactly how many apps there are in the App Store. Luckily, Apple tells it users periodically using an updated chart. Most smartphones are sold with several apps bundled as pre-installed software.

Such apps would be ones to run with a web browser, emails, calendar and other types of media or to buy music, for example. Any apps that are not preinstalled can be downloaded through an online "app store" such as Google Play for the Android operating system. Some apps are free while others must be paid for. While they can be downloaded to laptops or computers they are usually downloaded to a mobile device. 

Mobile phone users have dramatically increased their use of mobile apps in the last five years. Research suggests that mobile subscribers use apps more than browse the web on their devices. It was also found that usage of apps strongly correlates with user context and depends on the user's location and time of day.

BE-HELP can be divided into four main categories that will appeal to any traveler visiting Thailand, "the land of smiles".

These categories are:

  • Help
  • activities
  • Wellness
  • vehicles

Let's take a look at each of these categories in detail and explore how they can benefit visitors and even locals.

HELP: lawyers, translators, doctors, clinics and private hospitals.

The HELP section is very handy when you are looking for help. Have you ever needed assistance in a foreign country?

This application will guide you to the best and closest lawyers, translators, doctors, clinics and private hospitals.

Thailand is a place of beauty, wonder and relaxation. Sometimes foreign visitors find themselves in difficulties by lack of knowledge of the customs.

Thailand is certainly the land of smile, but their laws are very strict, and when the need to find a lawyer arises, it is with a sense of urgency and a high priority. The BE-HELP platform will help you find the right lawyer, the nearest hospital, a translator if your case requires it.

This app will help you find the best and most local for your administrative / passport / visa procedures.

When it comes to your health, nothing is more important. Alas, traveling to a foreign country can lead to tricky situations if you fall ill or have an accident. The last thing that you and your companions should be concerned about is having to go out on the street and find someone who understands your language and then give you succinct instructions to the nearest health care provider, always in a language understood by both parties.

The ease of use in this app means that you can just click on the app icon, go to the Help section, click on the doctors or clinics and in no time you are headed to the place the closer to medical assistance. The Thai application offered by BE-HELP has many primary and essential uses and we hope this will give you a truly wonderful travel experience.

Activities: diving, excursions, fun, training and culture.

You do not want to waste your time looking for the best place for the activities you want to try. If you plan to dive the same day, but only have a full day in a certain part of Thailand, you will not want to waste your time looking for and booking your activity. With our app is easy to navigate and you can easily find the right place to book an activity at the time you decide it and not when you had to do it.

The same thing applies to excursions. Make your excursions, your activities when you decide and not when you have to do it. Receive activity proposals in the area you are in, click, book and continue to enjoy the time.

BE-HELP can facilitate your stay by locating the closest and most attractive activity according to your needs.

Muay Thai boxing is an extremely popular sport to watch and learn. It's a fighting sport that uses the striking stand-up with many clinching techniques. It is a mental as well as physical discipline known as the art of eight limbs, because they involve the combined use of fists, knees, elbows and shins. Many travelers end up not only watching a Muay Thai match, but many decide to stay and train and learn the art. Be-Help will help you find the best matches in town and, if you wish, the best training center in the place where you are where you want to be introduced.

Well-being: spa, massage, beauty, sport, tattoos.

Thailand is famous for its massages and many tourists enjoy the salvage massages and the well-being they can offer.

Including the strange pleasure of soaking your feet in a small pool where small fish come and eat dry dead skin from your feet. It's a bit ticklish but it's worth it for the way your feet look after you. And after hiking through the hills in your shoes, it will be a fun and enjoyable way to relax before dinner.

For those who like to get tattooed, Thailand offers many talented and creative artists. There are many types and styles, so it's worth using the app to find the tattoo artist you want. Whether it's style, type or technique, such as using bamboo sticks or machines, this app will help you find someone. Many tourists like to be tattooed as a souvenir of where they traveled.

Vehicle: two wheels, four wheels, boats and others.

On small islands, it is convenient to explore on motorbikes, being a more economical and scenic way to visit. The famous "Koh Pangan Tattoo", in other words a bad scrape on the side of your leg, arm or face, reminds you to drive with full responsibility.

Use the app to find the form of transportation best suited to your needs while exploring the "land of smiles". In free application, the Be-help Thai App provides just about everything.

Since the creation and development of applications, traveling has been made much easier in our time. There are many travel guide apps in Thailand available to help make your trip a smooth one. The travel application Be-help Thai is very convenient because it offers all the services with selected partners available at the moment.

Applications are becoming more and more specialized. For example, do what he says on the box, helping tourists learn the Thai language. It's friendly and practical. And best of all, they make it pretty easy by categorizing different common phrases that you would use. They even have a button that you can press to say the phrase through your phone's speaker. So all you have to do is listen and repeat.

Another practical app in Thailand is Skyscanner. When it comes to finding and booking flights this is one of the best. They have a feature where you can enter where you are and select the destination "anywhere". This will give you a list of flights from where you are to many different places sorted by price. It's an awesome feature to help you find really cheap flights to random places if an unexpected adventure draws you.

Another practical application to have when traveling is the Google Translate app, mainly because of its photo translation feature. You can take a photo of a road sign or menu in Thai or any language of the world, and translate it into the language of your choice.

While it's not an app, a convenient thing to do when traveling without a SIM card is to get Google Maps, find your location, and save it to your Places list in Google Maps. In this way, you should lose yourself and during the day you can simply go to your "home" registered and find your way with ease.

Finally, in addition to having a Thai guide app, and Google Maps at least, is having your banking application on your phone. This will help you do your banking online easily when traveling. Useful to help you keep track of your expenses but also to make smooth transfers if necessary.