A day at « Au Bout du Monde » / A day on the island of Koh Tan

Boarding « Au « Bout du Monde » around 9:30am. 

Greeted at the pier of THONGK RUT, south of Koh Samui island, we made the crossing (about 20 minutes) in traditional long tail boat, to disembark on KOH TAN, small island almost uninhabited, 25 inhabitants only.

On this island is a Beach Club called "At the End of the World" held by Yves, a Breton nicknamed « Papa ».

On arrival the total atmosphere of the islands. Large coconut trees, a sandy beach, a bar, a swing and an almost deserted island at our disposal.

Just arrived, the time to cool off and take some pictures of the place, we're already leaving to explore the island and its beauties. This island is rich in mangroves, fine sand and coconut trees, but is also very close to a blue lagoon, created by the river flowing into the sea and also corals, home to beautiful tropical fish.

The program started with a visit to the tropical fishes. We went there by long tail boat. Beautiful, an experience to live to swim with those colourful fishes and coraux.

You can see those fishes in video here:

Subsequently, we stopped on a blue lagoon, of unimaginable splendor. Color of the mix between spring water and sea. The time to take some pictures and enjoy a local beer "Chang", while bathing. A very beautiful experience.

Plus: the lagoon is not deep, we can easily walk in, which is not unpleasant.

Then we reached the island. Small walk of half an hour to reach « Au Bout du Monde » through the mangrove, the sight of tropical vegetation more or less rare.

In short, we have noticed a lush and preserved nature of all civilization, which really makes sense with the name of end of the world.

To conclude this blog, we advise you to 1000% to visit this island and the Beach Club "At the end of the world". Promised, you will not regret it.

Thanks to « Papa » for this beautiful day.

I hope you have been convinced to try the experiment.

Have a good trip to Thailand to all.