BANGKOK, the essential



To start this first series of blog, Bangkok is natural. City rich of cultures, delivering an atmosphere of neighborhoods to discover, blending modernity and traditions.

Welcoming 18 million tourists a year, the city invites you to go shopping, to discover the culinary offered by the now iconic "street food".

If it seems overwhelming at first sight (heat, traffic ....) Acclimatization is very fast if you take the right beat.

The happiness when the aircraft door opens at the Suvarnabhumi airport is incomparable, seized from entry by this exotic wet heat and ambience shifted after a long flight. You arrived!


Choose an hotel in the heart of Bangkok. There are some for each budget and you will be, day and night, at the heart of  the city.

The most popular are located near or overlooking the CHAO PHRAYA river offering an unobstructed  and charming view  of the long-tail boats sailing spectacle.

If you prefer exploring walking, choose the historical district of RATTANAKOSIN ISLAND. Ideally located for easy access to the most beautiful places of the capital.

Strategically positioned in terms of transport and activities, the SUKHUMVIT district also offers accommodation in all categories and you will be not far from the night life.

Other possibilities are the numerous accommodations offered around KHAO SAN road, well located in the heart of a neighborhood that you can adore or not.


It is urgent to not to hurry and give time to time in order to taste all the delights. Arrival at the hotel, a swimming pool? A massage? Enjoy it before setting out to discover the city of angels. Why not enjoy a first PAD TAI or a "green curry with coconut milk", on the street and smell the ambient air, the enveloping atmosphere?


Rather want to browse the CHA PHRAYA? Rather want to walk and flan?

In the first case, head towards the central quay of Stathorn where the shuttles of the company CHAO PHRAYA River Boat vuos will transport thanks to regular lines very well orgnized.

To get there, it's easy with the skytrain BTS which will direct you to SAPHAN TAKSIN (change to CENTRAL STATION and take the S line to BANGWA and get off at SAPHAN TAKSIN).

Note that CENTRAL STATION is the heart of the network with many shops, "food shops". You will often be there if you decide to borrow this means of transport.

The subway is also very efficient, clean and secure. Everything is perfectly indicated and remains the complement of the airlines.

Otherwise, on short or medium distances, you can use a TUK TUK, always pleasant to live the city in the heart of the movements. Negotiate before the race and make sure the driver drops you where you want.

On a distance / price ratio, they remain more expensive than taxis.

The TAXIS (UBER also exists) are cheaper if they use their meter ... ask him to make sure that it does not cut during the race. Do not be surprised if a driver refuses a race because too many traffic jams on the area causing him a waste of time so money.


                                           1- The GRAND PALAIS and WAT PHRA KEAW:

Built in the 18th century, located within the Royal domain, it hosts the famous BOUDDHA of EMERAUDE.

By walkingt, you can continue and visit the splendid and impressive BOUDDHA COUCHE hosts within the WAT PHO, the oldest temple of the city.

Head towards the river CHAO PHRAYA to admire the WAT ARUN overlooking the waters and offering a unique perspective. To prefer in the morning early or at the evening, at sunset. This temple built in the mid-nineteenth century is a KHMER style model that you will find more in the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Siam, SUKHOTHAI.

2- GOLDEN MOUNT (phu Khao Tong):

One of the most beautiful views of Bangkok after climbing 300 steps (it deserves). It was the highlight of Bangkok but the buildings and other SKY BARS have since replaced it.