This blog is about getting a Thai driver's license from yours, national and not the complete passage of a permit (code + road). It only concerns those who already have a national driving license.

Essential documents to be handed over to the "Land Transportation Office":

- 1 original medical certificate.

- 1 certified translation of your national driver's license (address below). The original translation (s) will be requested by the Embassy.

- 1 copy of your international driving license (if they claim it, but Thailand does not recognize it).

- 1 copy of your national driver's license.

- 1 copy of your passport + visa page.

- 1 certificate of domiciliation (work permit if you have one or certificate validated by the Thai authorities).

1- Take all the original documents with you.

2- A copy of each document for each license requested (ex: Moto + car = 2 set of each documents for each licence)

Regarding documents, where to get them?

- Medical certificate : visit to a private clinic or hospital (variable cost depending on the region from 100 to 400 Thb per certificate).

- Certified translation of your driving license.

- Validation of the copies of your driver's license and original translations at your Embassy (check between Thai and French public holidays if open).

- If you do not have a Work Permit, the residence certificate must be obtained from the immigration office of your region (it can be a title deed, a lease contract, the invoice with the rental period of the housing).

The procedure:

You must go to the Land Transportation Office in your area of ​​residence. There is a debate on this, but I have already been denied access to services in Koh Samui then living in Hua Hin (on the Work permit).

Plan to dress properly by respect. You risk, certainly, to be repressed if you arrive in marcel, shorts and flip flops. This is valid for all administrations.

A full set of documents by license application and originals will be claimed.

You drop your name and phone, they call you.

How is the exam?

- Deposit of your documents.

- you are called for a first exam based on vision and reflexes.

- Then, you go to a room to watch one or two films explaining good driving on the road and basic behavior in driving.

- Then you go to the photo shoot, then they print your first sesame, you're done !!!

- Validity two years.

- Duration: count between 2:30 and 3:00 of your time.

- For both micenses, cost me about 530 Thb in Pran Buri.

Business hours:

The offices of the Land Transport Office are open from 8:30 to 12:00. But often they open a little before 8:15 ...

I advise you to go there from the opening.