PHUKET: 20 unmissables


1-PHUKET BEACHES (Special Blog to come):

From North to south:

  • Hat Mai Khao (Nov to February: sea turtle laying)
  • Hat Nai Yang (Sirinat National Park)
  • Surin Beach (the beach clubs have been razed in 2016, the beach is now protected).
  • Kamala beach: some good little restaurants on the beach.
  • Laem Sing beach: downhill and sporty climb but worth it.
  • Patong Beach: lots of activities there.
  • Paradise beach: has changed a lot in the past two years.
  • Freedom beach: always a must see if you're on a long tail boat ride.
  • Karon beach.
  • Kata Noi.
  • Nai Harn: one of my favorite, lake, temples, peaceful.
  • Ao San: my favorite!!!
  • Hat Rawai and its fish market (gypsies of the sea, see below).
  • Banana Beach: rent a long tail boat for the Rawai Pier day.
  • Cap Phanwa: Phuket aquarium, beautiful ballads to do ...).


2-KAYAK in Phang Nga Bay:

  • Be-Help will refer the best providers in the autumn.


3-DIVING or snorkeling at the SIMILAN islands: 

  • A must but the national park is open only 6 months a year (late October to early May).
  • 30 exceptional diving sites, 10 of which are ranked in the top 10.
  • You can go there from Phuket. Several diving clubs offer cruises diving a few days on site).


4-RICHELIEU ROCK (diving):

  • You can see big (whale sharks ...).
  • Considered the best diving site of Thailand (in the top 10 of the Coust Cousteau).


5-PHUKET CITY (Old Town):

  • The market street market of the weekend from Friday evening to Sunday evening (unavoidable).
  • Former Portuguese counter with typical architecture.
  • Another market on Wirat-hong-Yuk Road called by the Thai the "Talad Tairod" or the "Chatutak" (huge market of Bangkok) of Phuket.



  • A must for the place but also for the panoramic sight on all the south (Chalong Bay, Rawai, Kata ..).
  • Provide a decent outfit (no matter what the temple) especially for women but they lend clothes at the entrance (make a donation when you make them).
  • At our entrance to the car park, a place where the vegan will regale themselves. You serve and you give what you want.


7-PHI PHI island: Spend a day (and a night):

  • Avoid going there for only one day.
  • Spend the night and you will find the tranquility of the island, sunset and sunrise, evenings on the beach ....


8-SUNSETS (Prompthep, radar hill, windmill viewpoint and the WASSA bar):

  • Back from a walk on the southern road a small stop at Radar Hill (the must) or at Prompthep Cape to watch the sunset over the Andaman Sea.
  • A must: in Patong city, the WASSA bar. On the road above Nanai 2 road (parallel), you climb to the WASSA bar around 17:00 / 17:30 depending on the season to watch the sunset. Magical moment!!
  • Another place is great but you have to have the perfect timing: take the "Chalon Ring" and drive to Karon beach. You will cross a hill and there you will have an incredible view of the sun lying in the sea.


9-WAT CHALONG (south of the island):

  • Magnificent temple to the south of the island.



       BANZAAN Market:

  • Since last winter it is covered and it has been reorganized. More structured, a bit less wild than before, but hey there is a nice place where you will find any kind of street food not always cheap (fish, sushi, pad tai ...).


       BANGLA Road:

      The Night clubs:

  • Illusion: the must, very good set.
  • Sensation: to be checked (fire last winter).
  • Tiger, VIP..... 


       Have a drink in one of the many bars:

  • Heroes bar (my favorite)
  • Titty Twister bar
  • Monsoon
  • Kangaroo bar
  • Seth Gueko bar     

       Soi Dragon: 

  • Some Go Go bars (many) including the famous Suzy Wong, Devil's Playground, Harem, Exotica, Club Lover ... they are part of the nightlife.          

       Soi Freedom:

  • Open bars, music, girls, dance, drinks ... Ambiance without taking the lead.


       PARADISE, the LGBT district (going up Rat unit road

       from Bangla, very large tower in the center of the district):

  • Gay and GLBT friendly. Bars, discos and shows.
  • Going up Rat Unit road from Bangla, on the right, very large central tower above the neighborhood.



  • Simon cabaret (Patong):

       Travesti and ladyboys: to see (at the exit of Patong)         

  • Phuket fantasea (Kamala):

       There spend the evening, big "factory" but the show is  


  • Siam Niramit (Phuket city):

       Another cabaret is in Bangkok.


12-GIBBON REHABILITATION project (north west of the island):

  • Since 1992, this center has protected and repopulated the island of Phuket with this magnificent animal.
  • You can "adopt" one and / or participate in the operation of this center.
  • A useful visit that will delight children and adults.


13-MUAY THAI BOXING: Fight or training camps


  • Insular capital of Thai national sport.
  • Three evenings a week.
  • Do it for the atmosphere.


  • Soi Ta-ied (North of Chalong) to be discovered, fighting is proposed but especially many training centers including the TIGER, UNIT 27 ... an interesting, peaceful street dedicated to combat sports but also to cross-fit, fitness And tattoos with one of the best if not the best salon in Thailand, CHALONG INK.



  • Very friendly for a half or a day see more.
  • You will learn to make the best dishes
  • Present in all parts of the island: Patong, Kata, Chalong.
  • Some hotels also offer.



  • Phuket city.



  • Magnificent view and the elephant temple on the promontory. 



  • They save dogs and cats from mistreatment, escheat, but also repair injured animals.
  • They also advocate for better animal treatment in Asia in general. 


18-PHUKET AQUARIUM (Cape Panwa):

  • Ideal output on a rainy day.
  • Ideal price.
  • With the famous tunnel where you are surrounded by water and magnificent fish.



  • Reservation obligatory before any visit.
  • North east of the island.
  • A must to do.
  • If you happen to be in the daytime, the SOI DOG foundation, the GIBBON rehabilitation project and the Phuket ELEPHANT sanctuary, you will have a wonderful day full of good vibrations with the feeling of being useful. 



  • ·       This looks everyone but you will find in the island the best tattoo artists of Thailand.
  • ·       Some good lounges in Phuket.
  • ·       Do not hesitate to ask me if you want some good addresses with the specialties of each one.