SONGKRAN the water célébration


SONGKRAN: Feast of the Buddhist New Year

It is based on the lunar calendar and usually takes place in early or mid-April.

In 2018, it will take place from 13 to 16 April. Official dates and duration may vary by city and are decided at the level of the authorities. In case of lack of water, they can be shortened.

Sonkran is also celebrated in Burma, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and Sri Lanka.

It announces the cycle of the rainy season and takes place during the hottest and humid period of the year.


First family celebration:

If the water festival and its battles take place over 1 or 2 days, the festivities are open for a week. Many cultural festivals are organized, shows, concerts and ceremonies in the temples.

It is a period of great migrations during which the Thais return to their families. This is an opportunity to show respect to the elders by pouring water into their hands or washing their feet.



Bathed in tradition, today it offers gigantic water battles in certain districts, in the streets in general where you will be copiously sprinkled with water and "spread" talc. Endless battles that can last 2 to 3 days.

Unfortunately, this is the period, the week, the most accidental of the year with many advanced drunk drivers night and day. Accident counters are opened by the authorities at the beginning of the week in order to raise the awareness of the Thais as well as the tourists about the risks in this period and efforts are made to control the situation with more or less good results. So caution.


Required equipment:

  • The water gun (the biggest ...)
  • A waterproof case to put your money, your phone (to leave with precaution ...),
  • A waterproof camera for filming these unforgettable moments


The "dress code": Bathing suit,

It is also recommend at night, the party never really ending.


To avoid:

The branded bag, cameras or electronic non waterproof ...

Anything that can be damaged or destroyed by water or moisture.


Where to live (and survive to) those water battles?


  • Phuket: Bangla road in Patong is a must in the afternoon but it is also nice to walk in the neighborhoods (Nanai 2) of Patong, Phuket City or Chalong to see the happiness of the Thai children wait for your passage to sprinkle you 'frozen water).


  • Bangkok: Kao San road is of course a must.


  • Pattaya: totally delusional ....


  • Chiang Mai: more traditional but also yielding to the "soft madness" ambient.