TELEPHONE and NETWORKS: stay connected in Thailand


STAY CONNECT IN THAILAND: telephony and internet

Thailand is one of the best equipped countries in the world for telecommunications. Both in terms of connectivity, accessibility, coverage and power.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find that (almost) everywhere you will have access to 4G and even the LTE protocol (4G +).

Thais are always connected and as well, see better equipped than in France in terms of number of phone / inhabitants.

Finally, when you come back to France or elsewhere, you will note with humility the delay that France has in this area, especially in public spaces (airports, ports ...).

Whenever I come back to Nice, I can not help posting a mood ticket on social networks when I arrive, with difficulty, to reconnect at the exit of the plane in the second airport of France . Connection in EDGE or poor 3G border control and in front of the bag of luggage ... Prehistory what!


First of all, I recommend you and this dice your rise in the plane to disable roaming on your aircraft to avoid any surprises during your stopovers or your arrival in Thailand.

- On OS: Settings -> Cellular data -> options: "roaming off"

- On Android: Settings -> Mobile Data -> disable

Thus, all you need to do is use the WiFi networks that are present everywhere in Thailand and that are very efficient (LTE protocol is 4G + on some SAMSUNG already operational).

All hotels, restaurants, bars and other client areas (shopping centers too) offer you a connection allowing you, according to your roaming, to connect, collect your mails, post your beautiful photos on social networks and give news to your friends and family.


That means being permanently attached, collecting live emails, information and other utilities.

I recommend that you keep only the necessary notifications and automatic download to limit your flow to the bare minimum (and clean in your phone). The cleaning of the phone may be a useful hobby on the plane. Not to mention the unsubscription to mailing lists of useless mails.

Then you have to make sure your phone is unlocked.

Then, upon your arrival, you will buy a special tourist SIM card offered by the 3 main Thai operators AIS, DTAC and TRUE. All three have very good coverage. For my part, I always used AIS before having a monthly subscription because, when you charge your phone, the life of the recharge is very important and this is convenient if you go regularly to Thailand and you avoid take a new card and a new number.

Do not forget to bring your passport required for about two years for any purchase of SIM card.

PACKAGES, which operator to choose:

They are all present in all airports, shopping centers or shops. 

The packages offered are almost all identical with special offers for tourists.

Subject to change, AIS, for example, offers "TRAVELER" packages from 50Thb (1,25 € approx) free to recharge it (called "otop" here) then packages including data 299Thb (7 €) for 2.5Gb to use within 8 days or 599Thb (15 €) for 6Gb of data to use within 15 days.

Then you reload your card in the 7-eleven or Family Mart open 7/7.

Note that AIS can only be reloaded in FAMILY MART as scratch cards.

By managing your consumption well and keeping only the bare essentials (app, feedback etc etc) and WiFi spots, you should not need much recharge.

Check that the card you buy allows you to make phone calls through Whatsapp, messenger, Line and other Skype. They can be restrictive at this level even if for them, it is a source of consumption therefore of $ not negligible.


It is quite interesting to the extent that gusts of French, European or other tithes do not exist here.

7% VAT that you can recover when you return to Bangkok airport (allow a waiting time).

By comparison, a GALAXY NOTE 8 costing just over € 1000 in France will cost you around € 800 in Thailand. This for a recent model if not for older models, you can enjoy great promotions.

I recommend you buy in official telephony shops or sellers of electronics to avoid any surprises (yes there are copies of Iphone ...).

Then, make sure that you can use it in France but that does not cause any concern in one way or the other.

A shop at the MBK shopping center in Bangkok is unbeatable on prices, specials and quality.


Skype, Whatsapp, Line, Messenger, Google are there to make a service that incurs, in terms of expenses, only data.

Then, if you are in contact with a person who is not connected (this is my case), or taxes that are desperately trying to reach you (....), You can buy credits for € 5 minimum on SKYPE which will allow you to call on mobiles or landlines. Much more interesting than calling the number directly via your SIM card.

STAY CONNECT: web and WiFi

1- You use the datas included in the package you have chosen. Expensive in the end because it consumes a lot.

2- You rely on all WiFi spots restaurants, your hotel, bars, shopping centers at the option of your ballads. All shops, customer area offer free WiFi access.

3- Note that TRUE, DTAC and AIS have developed access called SUPER WIFI which you can connect automatically if you activate the application. As soon as there is a signal, your phone switches on. Very practical and economical. Interesting to inquire if the chosen package offers you this possibility.