Thailand: 15 things to avoid to do or avoid doing


1- Criticize the King, the Royal Family in general. Punished from a prison, the lèse-majesté can lead to very serious problems.

2- Consumption or worse, possession of drugs (whatever it is). There too, direct prison. 

3- Be taken by a taxi driver in Bangkok between stalls of precious stones and sellers of all kinds. Ensure that your phone with MAP or Google map to watch them take you where you want to, otherwise stop and take the next one. And find out about the schedules or days of closings of the places you want to visit otherwise you may hear anything. 

4- Be in "overstay". On this subject, since the visa is supposed to be in your passport (the MT6 card also exit), never leave your passport in bail (a copy possibly or a scan).

5- Forget the western attitudes: by sitting down, make sure that your foot (leaning on your leg ...) does not point anyone. The best thing is to have them on the ground under all circumstances (this is also if not more valid in a temple where your legs will be folded to present your homage to the Buddha. 

6- Leave your shoes outside the houses and in the temples. It is simple, before entering, if you observe some shoes outside, you take off yours. When in doubt, you also remove them. 

7- Respect other people in restaurants and public places. Do not shout, do not get upset, no noisy discussions will be appreciated by our Thai hosts.

8- Contrary to what some places would suggest (night life), the Thai are very modest and it is extremely rare to cross couples entwined in the street, kissing or showing signs of tenderness too visible. Respect this also because if the Thais will not show their embarrassment, it will still be present.

9- This is also valid on attitude topless at the beach, to banish. We are at home.

10- Do not get upset and smile at all times. If you get upset, you will lose in every sense of the word, face, respect and may be confronted with a situation quickly uncontrollable. So REST ZEN! Cold Heart (Jay Yen) versus Hot Heart (Jay Ron). 

11- A woman will not sit next to a monk, either by car, by bus (she will liberate her place), or any other place. It is very irreverent. Do not touch a child's head or worse, a monk (what idea). 

12- Do not rent a scooter without additional insurance because you are definitely not covered by your bank card or travel insurance. In any case, read the contract, request or download a certificate of your travel insurance that should be mandatory in the fall for anyone entering Thailand (they think installing ATMs before immigration checks).

13- Dress decently when you visit a temple. Women should have shoulders and legs covered. It's not negotiable. This is also valid for men who can avoid the "marcel" and shorts (not an obligation but good). 

14- We drive to the left in Thailand. This is valid for traffic but also for pedestrians. It is really vital to look from everywhere before crossing the road. To respect the lights and even if you have the permission to cross on foot or to start, you MUST look right, left, front, behind (and above). Vigilance.

15- Hygiene of body rigorous. It's not because you're on vacation that you can relax. Your hosts will be very sensitive to good if you pay attention to it as if to evil if you feel bad or you are neglected.