THAILANDE: pack your luggage, the essential


THAILAND: Making your Suitcase

Before leaving:

Focusing on the essentials and avoiding the superfluous, this is the purpose of this blog.

Where are we going? (North, South, Islands?) According to, the amount of clothing and accessories may be different.

You will find at the end of the article a reminder list which can be useful knowing that it is basic but it is the one that I use by adding or removing articles according to the mood or where I will do in Thailand.

This list does not take into account the specificities of each and their activities (diving, golf, trekking or other).

I do not put a flashlight for example considering that most phones have this function.


What there is to know :

In Thailand, you will find "pressings" or rather laundromats at every street corner that do the job in 12 to 24 hours. Just leave your laundry and you will have it back washed and ironed. The cost ? Between 40 and 50 THB. Much more expensive if you choose to let the hotel take care of it but still in the same time. Then you can negotiate shortened deadlines in case of emergency.

It is a factor to take into account that will lighten your luggage and it will be as much less to pack in your transits .... And that, incidentally, will leave you room for memories to bring back to your mom.

Do not forget that if some companies (Gulf) offer up to 30kg of luggage (see + 10kg with a privilege card), the domestic flights are almost all limited between 20 to 23 kg.

The valuables are to be carried or brought with you, in the luggage cabin as well as the electronics.

I did not put an adapter because I never needed it in Thailand and if necessary, you will find everywhere.


How to proceed :

Again, the list below will help you not to forget the essentials. It is made by me, so rather masculine but the names of the clothes (and the quantity) are purely indicative and can be modified according to the needs of each and each one.


Things to avoid:

·      Manicure kit in cabin luggage or scissors ....

·      The Leatherman in luggage cabin ...


1-    The essentials:

  • Passport (seems obvious but good ...). Make a scan that you will save on an accessible cloud + adobe acrobat app in the event of document loss.
  • Check that it is valid for another six months after your arrival in Thailand.
  • Travel documents (which you will have taken care to scan and save as well).
  • Credit card.
  • Certificate of travel insurance (it may be required from September 2017).
  • International and national driving license (Blog rent a vehicle in Thailand) (scan also).
  • Cash (the amount is yours but a couple of cuts to change upon arrival will be useful even if you choose to pay by card and withdraw money in ATM). The scanning of banknotes could be misinterpreted ...
  • Medication AND prescription (to be scanned) in sufficient quantities for the whole trip (treatments are very expensive in Asia). In the event of loss, you can renew them without worries and you may be reimbursed by the CNSE (CPAM for care abroad-3616 + 56 (department number).
  • For those who like the airbag to travel comfortably.

Already with this, you can leave and live on the spot ...

2- Electronics:

Difficult to do without (if you can so much better).

If you forget a charger, a cable, no panic, you will find it very easily on the spot.

Basic rule (about me):

  • A multi-port USB charger (4 to 6) (very practical and less cumbersome than a charger per device). There will be no brawl for taking free ...
  • One cable per device, I mean by type of connection (USB-C, lightning, micro USB ....).
  • A recharging battery (maybe useful in the big days when you shoot or shoot a lot etc ... etc ...)

A detail that can be useful: "desymlock" the phone before leaving so that it is fully compatible with Thai SIM cards. If you own the phone, you will not need to do so.


3- Clothes :

For a trip of 2 to 4 weeks including what I carry in the plane:

  • 6 T-shirts (we buy on the spot).
  • 1 sleeve (if required).
  • 2 shorts.
  • 1 pant.
  • 2 pairs of sports socks (if sportier then one or two).
  • 5 underwear (one buys on the spot if necessary).
  • 1 or 2 caps or other.
  • 2 pairs of shoes (sneakers type passepartout and flip-flops ..)
  • 1 shorts or 1 swimsuit.
  • Sunglasses because still not convinced by the products with 2 "balls" proposed on the street (especially, in this case, avoid absolutely the false polarized, dangerous to the eyes).
  • For the North: 
  • Polo or light fleece with long sleeves (the nights are sometimes cool).
  • Rain protection if you go trekking.
  • Footwear suitable for walking if trekking is part of your favorite activities ...

I do not take a bath towel, most hotels offer it to their guests. Otherwise, buy one out there because it takes a huge place in the suitcase for a virtually nil utility.

4- Hygiene and protection:

Good quality sunscreens (=> import) are quite expensive in Asia (the good ones) and I usually prefer to buy them before leaving. This is again my choice.

Then, and it concerns only me, I buy the hygiene products once there (disposable razors, shaving cream, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush ...). Always nice to cross the door of a 7/11 and the carillon that goes with it.

The 7/11 or other Family Mart offer all products, in all sizes, at all hours of the day and night so do not take the lead with this (this is still only my opinion).

For cosmetics, I recommend buying them on site which will allow you to discover the excellent (and inexpensive) products offered in Thailand. They often come from South Korea or Japan and are very effective. Aloe Vera, collagen beauty mask (1 €) ... I return every time for the delight of my friends who think they are just fantastic (and who only swear by Chanel, Filorga and others). You will find them at the market of the corner or in the many boutiques of aesthetic products which are fond of the Thai women.

Remains your favorite perfume to take with you (in the hold if more than 100ml).


5- Literature:

Adept of the weight and minimum bulk, I only travel with my electronic reading lamp.

With all this, you should live comfortably for 2 to 4 weeks Thailand


6- Some tips and reminders:

Bag Cabin:

  • The most useful = the most accessible.
  • Charging cable for electronic devices.
  • Electronic devices plus backup battery.
  • Spare clothes in case (yes it happened to me with my traveling neighbors, fortunately it was champagne, not nice, and more ... on return ...) without counting on the risk of luggage which left to the Opposite of your destination.


Registrer luggage:

  • Check the list of forbidden objects (357 magnum or kalachnikov for example ...).
  • Leave room for the return (memories and others ...)
  • Respect the restrictions of airline luggage by not forgetting to take into account domestic flights (with a collection of souvenirs increasing with your travels).

List to not forget the essential to print to print

And a small video, in English, but which explains perfectly how to make efficiently its suitcase