Top 20 "unmissable" in Koh Samui


Just arrived in Koh Samui ? And you wonder what to do?

We also thought about it someday ! That's why we present you our top 20 things to do in Samui : the unavoidable !! 

Let's start our Top 20 tours!!

1 Grand Father and Mother rocks

In Thai Hin Ta & Hin Yai Rocks. These are rocks known for their original forms. I let you make your opinion by the photo below. Beyond, a magnificent site and point of view to discover.



2 Big buddha 

 A spectacular picture guaranteed. A beautiful view from above. A good memory a little more original than the postcard. Located in the north of the island (Bangrak), try to go there during the sunrise or sunset, the photos will be more spectacular.

3 Angthong National Park 

The excursion lasts a day. Various providers can take you there with a choice from "speed boat" to sailboat. It is a set of islands, a total of 42 different islands forming an archipelago. This is called the postcard snapshot. The white sand beaches will be in front of you. What to take beautiful pictures.

We advise you for this place and its discovery the partners selected by BE-HELP.



4 Koh Phangan

Beaches and parties. Mythical parties such as the Full Moon Party, the Half Moon party, the Jungle party and many others take place on the beach, in the jungle ... Many places turn into festive places after dark.

Tropical atmosphere guaranteed and also a little madness. We do not drink in glasses but in "buckets". Small but they are still buckets ... You will meet the western youth of the whole world.

Pay attention to yourself anyway if you decide to get there  

5 Safari 

The discovery of tropical animals: elephants, monkeys ... This safari is interesting for its many shows. And our favorite goes to the typical ballad at the waterfall Namuang waterfalls that can be done on foot or transported in 4X4..

6 Accrobranche 

Completely in the jungle, in the mountains, inland, you can enjoy an acrobatic course. 

Sensation and view are guaranteed in the middle of coconut trees !

Be-Help proposes to you 2 selected partners.

7  Excursions en Quad  

This is not a specialty of Koh Samui, but discovering the hinterland, that is the mountain of the island, the manufacture of Latex and other secrets of the jungle ... is really an interesting experience. So somewhere it's a must by the immersion and fun that this activity offers.

8 Thai Cooking class

Do not miss out on this unmissable activity to learn how to cook locally. We can recommend two good addresses.

One more local with a kitchen offering a superb view of the sea and a lovely Thai housewife.

The other offers a little more choice including 1/3 of the proposed dishes are Vegan. Moreover for those interested, Stéphanie speaks French.

9 Football Golf 

Very fun activity. It's a mix between Football and Golf. To do with friends and/or family. 18 holes, like a real Golf but using the feet for about 1h30 of play in a beautiful park.

An experience to live, led by a very nice Liverpool Englishman (but an Everton supporter).


10 Chaweng Beach 

Mythical beach of the island. This beach is bordered by many beach clubs and restaurants that will make you happy. Some addresses that we can recommend:

-KC Beach Club, good atmosphere and private pool available

-Ark Bar, rather at night, an festive atmosphere bar with DJ at night and fire shows. 

11 Namuang falls 1 & 2 

Waterfalls in the middle of the jungle very impressive because of their beauty and size. The largest is 80 meters high. You have to walk about 30 min to get there.

Be-Help proposes 2 selected partners will offer you the best way to experience.

12 Marchés de nuit

Street food and sundries are available in these markets. What to find your happiness.

Two places are unmissable for this :

- Fisherman village (Bophut) on Friday and Monday nights but it is more furnished on Friday nights.

- Lamai on Sunday night.

Beware the markets end up at 11 PM. 


13 Wat Plan Laem 

Located right next to the Big Buddha (see above), you will find magnificent golden statues representing Buddha. The place is pretty, located in the middle of an artificial pond.

The original thing to do: distribute food to the sacred fish in the pond. To buy at the distributor. Big fish but forbidden to fish them obviously.


 14 Ko tao 

This island, next to Samui is a paradise island that will surprise you. Her beauty is amazing.

It is famous for its many diving clubs and for snorkeling. You will be able to observe a very rich underwater fauna and flora.


15 Fisherman village 

 Located in Bophut, the place is easily accessible by car. There is a shopping street that crosses the village with good restaurants and a few stalls. Beautiful wooden houses still bear witness to the presence of fishermen. The adjacent beach is beautiful and in the evening you can admire the sunset while enjoying a cocktail on the beach. All this in a tropical setting exudes the atmosphere of the islands.




16 Secret buddha Garden :

Located in the heights of Koh Samui, 450 meters high, is actually a garden of statues. It dates from 1977. Plan a walk of 30 minutes, and also 80 Baht, but the beauty of the place is worth seeing.


17 Stage cabaret à Chaweng:

An original place. The revue is funny, very well done by a troupe of lady-boys.

18 Horse back riding

 This is a one to two hour horse ride on Ban Khao beach in the south of the island. Beautiful memories guaranteed and real moment of sharing with nature. Horse lovers will love it.

19 On street bar 

Typical place, known locals and much less tourists. The place does not look good at first but it is very nice. The prices are Thai and the atmosphere is served with live music.

A good isolated place of mass tourism. To do. 

20 Red baron sailing tour

 A boat trip from Koh Samui and what a boat. It is a partner of Be-Help but, so perfect and professional that we could not resist to put it in a must. The assurance of a unique memory. Over a period of one day you will discover protected beaches and beautiful places all in an idyllic setting. It also offers magnificent "sunset" evenings or brunches.

If you have questions or others, feel free to comment on our Facebook page "Be-Help Thailand". It will be a pleasure to discuss with you and your preferences and also to share your experiences.

Enjoy your trip !!!