BE-HELP Thai App offers four main categories that will appeal to any traveler visiting or wishing to visit the country of the smile, Thailand.

These categories are:

Activities: diving, fun, water sports, excursions, safari

Well-being: massage, spa, sports, Muay Thai, tattoo artists ...


Help: translators, hospitals, lawyers, useful numbers ...

Do not want to waste your time looking for the best place for your activities?

Do you want to be tempted by an activity you would not have thought of?

Our App offers simple navigation and you can easily find the right place to book the activity of your choice (or the one discovered according to your browsing) when you decide and not when you have to do it.

The same thing applies to excursions. Make your excursions, your activities when you decide and not when you have to do it.

Click, book and continue to enjoy the present time.

BE-HELP can facilitate your stay by locating the closest and most attractive activity according to your needs.

Use the app to find the form of transportation best suited to your needs while exploring the "land of smiles". In terms of free application, the Be-help Thai App provides just about everything.

Since the creation and development of applications, traveling has been made much easier in our time. There are many travel guide apps in Thailand available to help make your trip a smooth one. The travel application Be-help Thai is very convenient because it offers all the services with selected partners available at the moment.

Applications are becoming more and more specialized. For example, do what he says on the box, helping tourists learn the Thai language. It's friendly and practical. And best of all, they make it pretty easy by categorizing different common phrases that you would use. They even have a button that you can press to say the phrase through your phone's speaker. So all you have to do is listen and repeat.

Another practical app in Thailand is Skyscanner. When it comes to finding and booking flights this is one of the best. They have a feature where you can enter where you are and select the destination "anywhere". This will give you a list of flights from where you are to many different places sorted by price. It's an awesome feature to help you find really cheap flights to random places if an unexpected adventure draws you.

Another practical application to have when traveling is the Google Translate app, mainly because of its photo translation feature. You can take a photo of a road sign or menu in Thai or any language of the world, and translate it into the language of your choice.

While it's not an app, a convenient thing to do when traveling without a SIM card is to get Google Maps, find your location, and save it to your Places list in Google Maps. In this way, you should lose yourself and during the day you can simply go to your "home" registered and find your way with ease.

Finally, in addition to having a Thai guide app, and Google Maps at least, is having your banking application on your phone. This will help you do your banking online easily when traveling. Useful to help you keep track of your expenses but also to make smooth transfers if necessary.

The phrase "app Thailand" might seem unclear to some people. The word "app" is an abbreviation for "application." An application is another name for a computer program. It is a piece of software for your computer that can operate using a web browser or even offline on your computer, smartphone, tablet and many other modern electronic device; with new devices arriving all the time. So "app Thailand" simply means a computer program useful for visiting Thailand.

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